Decomposing Serenity / Vomitoma Split CD


Split com as bandas de Goregrind: Decomposing Serenity – “Taste of Tears and Violins as I Gnaw Yours Eyelids” e Vomitoma – Membranous Mounds of Maggot Mucous”, lançado em 2012.

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CD Simples (Caixa Acrílica)
Ano: 2012
Procedência: Internacional
Gravadora: Degenerate Slime Distribution
Estilo: Goregrind


“Taste of Tears and Violins as I Gnaw Yours Eyelids”
1. Shrunken and Mummified in a Ditch
2. Choked by Stretch Armstrong
3. Parts of Your Skull in My Pee Hole
4. Stabbed by a Rectal Thermometer
5. Headless Unicorns in the Sewer
6. You Don’t Need Music to Dance Corpses
7. Shampoo in My Eye
8. Hammer Smashed Nail
9. Pumpkin Patch Full of Kidneys
10. Torso at the End of the Rainbow
11. Punch in the Balls by a Midget
12. Untitled

“Membranous Mounds of Maggot Mucous”
13. Making Sculptures of My Victims from Their Adipocere… and Burning Them
14. Intestinal Rope Bondage
15. Severed Head Sewage Fountain
16. Using Her Bladder as a Mask
17. Membranous Mounds of Maggot Mucous
18. Suffocated in Cockroach Vomit
19. Sewn Shut with Spiderlegs
20. Corpsewax Candles
21. Buried Alive During Child Labor
22. Sewer Tunnel Tidal Wave
23. Embalmed with Bile
24. Auto-Erotic Autopsy
25. Dehydrated Vagina Collection
26. Pulsations of Infestation
27. Family Fetus Formaldehyde Jar
28. Abortion Instrument Sex Toys
29. Dead Body Bulldozer
30. Plasmic Parasite Purulence


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