Vomitoma – A Liquid Harvest of Putrefied Stomach Contents CD


Primeiro álbum da banda americana de Goregrind,lançado em 2009.

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CD Simples (Caixa Acrílica)
Ano: 2009
País: Estados Unidos
Procedência: Internacional
Gravadora: Alarma Records
Estilo: Goregrind


1. Hydrochloric Bile Bath
2. Flammable Human Tissue
3. Toxoplasmosis
4. Discharges of the Diceased
5. Acanthamoeba
6. Regurgitated Leeches
7. Granulated Flesh Surface
8. Half-Burnt & Unidentified
9. Foaming Septic Outfall
10. Maggot-Ridden Drainclog
11. Flystrike
12. Coagulated Bloodsludge
13. Esophageal Myasis
14. Mutated Parasite Metamorphosis
15. Sandblasted Septic Suppuration
16. Sewerplow II
17. Necroseptic Noxioustench
18. Mucopurulentoic Vulvascariasis
19. Raped in Medical Garbage
20. Bludgeoned with Frozen Intestines
21. Blistered Peeling Slough Sheets
22. Flushed Flesh
23. Radioactive Syphilis
24. Compelling Carrion Complexion
25. Sewerplow
26. She Gave Birth to a Pile of Hookworms
27. Blowtorch Gynecology
28. Her Face Was Eaten Off & Defocated Down Her Esophagous
29. Stench of the Stomach Pump
30. Cuts Sutured Shut with Dirty Needles
31. Feltching Straw Clogged with Dead Flies
32. Gonorrhea Green
33. Busted Test Tubes of Yellow Pus
34. Colostomy Bag Drug Smuggled
35. Experiments with Discarded Scalpel Blades
36. Lipposuctioned Viscera
37. Liquefied Leprose Limbs
38. Imploded Stomach
39. Vacuum Full of Phlegm
40. Fly Swamped Maggot Mucus
41. Re-Regurgitated Cockroach Casings
42. Adipose Teratome
43. Clogged Pipes from Flushed Fetuses
44. Repulsive Rancid Reflux
45. Chunks of Her Cunt, Stuck to the Sawblade
46. Intestinal Cesspool
47. Puke of a Blowfly
48. Hollowed-Out Carcass Costume
49. Vomitoxic Necrosyphilis
50. A Screwdriver Jammed in Her Urethra
51. Unsanitary Insanity
52. Scraping Pieces of Her from the Basement Floor
53. Uncontrolled Pyorrheic Seepage


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